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bwe at the Gulf Engineering Forum in Jeddah

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The 16th GEF was organized at Jeddah, KSA, by Saudi Council of Engineers, to discuss the issue of the hour „The Environment in GCC Region“, which aims at:
[font_icon icon=caret-right font_size=12px color=#a8ba40] Exchange of experiences and expertise.
[font_icon icon=caret-right font_size=12px color=#a8ba40] Understanding the knowledge transfer and its means of activation.
[font_icon icon=caret-right font_size=12px color=#a8ba40] Development and updating to address the future challenges.
More than 600 representatives participated in the conference and the accompanying exhibition. bwe participated at the exhibition and presented its activities to the engineering community of the Gulf States.

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bwe Annual Meeting Held in Stuttgart 28th September 2012 – Successful Engagement in KSA

Dr. Thomas Ertel

In its fourth year of engagement in Saudi-Arabia, bw-engineers with its 23 partners will nearly reach an annual turnover of about 2.000.000 €. Dr. Thomas Ertel, who entered the bw-engineers team as a managing director, introduced himself to the partners in course of the annual general meeting held in Stuttgart. With his long time experience in managing European and international projects and networks, he will steer further expansion and the installation of a permanent local representation. In addition to the activities hitherto mainly in the fields “water management” and “regional and urban planning / transportation and traffic”, bw-engineers now strives for further expanding its order backlog also in the other fields such as “surveying and geo informatics”, “geotechnics”, “environment & energy”, “structural engineering” and “architectural design”. Interested companies are invited to join the network.

Dr. Manfred Brenner and Josef Linder

From the very beginning, Josef Linder has been solely responsible for all management duties of bwe. On behalf of all partners, Dr. Manfred Brenner, one of the initiators of bwe, cordially thanked Josef Linder for the tremendous efforts spent in these years and the success achieved.

bw-engineers experts visit Saudi Arabia

A delegation of bw-engineers supports initiation of new projects by the help of a local network

In the mid of September a small group of experts from Baden-Württemberg visits a hugh number of intended projects. Mr Josef Linder is accompanied by Klaus Bitter (Business Development KSA) and Elias Abu-Aksa (Business Development).

Dr. Manfred Brenner and Josef Linder

Joachim Gass Accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers

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BWE member Joachim Gass was officially accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers. The profile of Joachim Gass in short:
[font_icon icon=caret-right font_size=12px color=#a8ba40] Studies at the Technical University of Stuttgart, building engineering faculty, graduation 1988
[font_icon icon=caret-right font_size=12px color=#a8ba40] Establishment Reck+Gass engineering company
[font_icon icon=caret-right font_size=12px color=#a8ba40] Approved by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics as review engineer for structural engineering.
[font_icon icon=caret-right font_size=12px color=#a8ba40] SAUDI COUNCIL OF ENGINEERS MEMBER NUMBER 102673
[font_icon icon=caret-right font_size=12px color=#a8ba40] Cost-efficient QUALITY ASSURANCE and enhancement with the help of experts OFFICALLY LICENSED and APPROVED by GERMAN and SAUDI AUTHORITIES.

The Saudis are impressed by Stuttgart 21

The visit of urban city development Planners from Mekka promotes them to become supporters of the railway project Stuttgart 21.

During the protest against Stuttgart 21 enforces in this country, the project impresses urban city development Planners from Mekka. They all promote the large-scale project. Khalid Abdulhafiz Feda, construction chief executive of Mekka belongs to them. “It is a beautiful project” was his statement after his visit in Stuttgart in July. Feda and a delegation of urban city development Planners from Mekka attended on a tour that shows all details about the project. Josef Linder leads the groupe of experts through the permanent exhibition of Stuttgart 21.


TMP Makkah

The Comprehensive Transportation Masterplan for Makkah was finalized by bwe June 2012. The results of the analysis of the traffic conditions for the various future scenarios 2020 and 2028 within the region of Makkah were presented to representatives of the Holy City of Makkah and the involved stakeholder of the Ministries and Authorities June 19th 2012 in Jeddah.

The two member companies Dr. Brenner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and KARAJAN Ingenieure GmbH were responsible for the model development and evaluation of the future scenarios and worked together with the local partner ZFP in Saudi Arabia.

The results of traffic and public transport passenger assignments generally confirm the planning concepts pursued by Makkah Municipality for the future development of the Makkah region and indicate how to engross and further develop these concepts in order to ensure sustainable traffic conditions in the future.