TMP Makkah

The Comprehensive Transportation Masterplan for Makkah was finalized by bwe June 2012. The results of the analysis of the traffic conditions for the various future scenarios 2020 and 2028 within the region of Makkah were presented to representatives of the Holy City of Makkah and the involved stakeholder of the Ministries and Authorities June 19th 2012 in Jeddah.

The two member companies Dr. Brenner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and KARAJAN Ingenieure GmbH were responsible for the model development and evaluation of the future scenarios and worked together with the local partner ZFP in Saudi Arabia.

The results of traffic and public transport passenger assignments generally confirm the planning concepts pursued by Makkah Municipality for the future development of the Makkah region and indicate how to engross and further develop these concepts in order to ensure sustainable traffic conditions in the future.