Engineers from Baden –Württemberg, Germany building bridges to the Arab market

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At a reception in the German Embassy in Riyadh in early December bw -engineers CEO Dr. Thomas Ertel and Engineer Mohammed Al Guwaihes signed their joint venture agreement in the presence of Baden-Württemberg Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Nils Schmid and the Saudi Economic and Planning Minister Muhammad al – Jasser.  Thus bw -engineers is permanently present in Saudi Arabia.

For several years engineers from Baden-Württemberg have been active in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As an initiative of the Chamber of Engineers  and the Ministry of Economy Baden- Württemberg , the consortium „bw – engineers GmbH “ was founded in 2008. Bw -engineers bundles planning offices of different sizes and technical disciplines to act jointly under this brand in foreign markets. The network with over 800 planners and engineers operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a big success: bw- engineers GmbH together with their Saudi partner , Mohammed Al Guwaihes are establishing an engineering company in Saudi Arabia, the “bw -engineers Arabia” . Engineer Mohammed Al Guwaihes spent over 30 years as an engineer and head of department in the Ministry of Water and the Ministry of Health and he was a member of the Shura Council for 12 years. Since 4 years he has been running his own engineering consultancy focused in project management and construction. He is also a board member of the Saudi Council of Engineers.

Signing the Joint Venture Agreement: bw -engineers CEO Dr. Thomas Ertel and Mohammed Al Guwaihes at the German Embassy in Riyadh under the eyes of the Ambassador Dieter W. Haller, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs of Baden Württemberg Nils Schmid and representatives of the two Chambers of Engineers .

At this reception also the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers and their Saudi Arabian equivalent, the Saudi Council of Engineers concluded a partnership agreement. Engineers from Baden -Württemberg engineers can now start working in Saudi Arabia without any time consuming procedures for approval.

Minister Nils Schmid, who politically supported the establishment of the agreements on its trip to Middle East, said: „These activities of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers are remarkable. This agreement is a tremendous success for engineers from the Southwest of Germany . „

The friendly bilateral relations between Germany and Saudi Arabia facilitate the increasing engagement of bw-engineers in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Arab region and the world’s largest oil producer. A current development plan of the Saudi government provides substantial investments of about 385 billion USD in construction and infrastructure, health, transportation, education and energy. Bw-engineers will participate in the implementation of these infrastructural investments.

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