Regional and Urban Planning – Traffic and Transport


Regional and Urban Planning, Traffic and Transport

Regional planning and urban design are closely related disciplines. They deal with the development and improvement of physical, economical and social conditions of a region, city or neighbourhood in the interest of public health, welfare and safety.

We provide regional planning, land use planning and urban design services. We offer the aesthetic and strategic practice of giving a good shape to urban areas and public spaces, focused on sustainable development.

Health Park

bw-engineers developed a health park concept for preventive and rehabilitation care, as well as complimentary life-style uses such as restaurant, spa, nutrition advice…

Al-Medina Road, Riyadh (Prince Salman Road)

Study of development and improving Al-Medina Road in Riyadh, City Comprehensive Traffic Study, Conceptual Designs and Simulation Studies

Bridge over highway A81, Ludwigsburg

Bridge over highway A81, Ludwigsburg: Steel compound design tensioned below with span width of 42m made from steel sections welded together.

Kish Island – Flower of the East

A destination master plan was required for urban planning and the development of tourism and infrastructure for Iran’s 90 km² Kish Island in the Persian Gulf.

Oqyana World First

The vision of this project is to create a unique waterfront community offering a mixed use interdependent community that will provide a vibrant and diverse environment.

Stuttgart 21

The transport infrastructure aspect of the Stuttgart 21 project involves the remodeling of the Stuttgart railway node, the conversion of Stuttgart Central station from a railhead to a through-station, and linking Stuttgart airport into German Rail’s highs