Silver Star Tower

The Silver Start Tower is planned as part of one of the biggest urban development projects in Dubai: Dubai Properties’ “Business Bay”.


It is to be built right next to Dubai’s financial center (DIFC) and the Burj Dubai. In addition to a shopping arcade in the Ground Level, the Silver Star Tower with up to 40 levels will have a lounge, spa area, offices, and luxury apartments. Even the building services equipment is something special: The glass façade reflects light like a mirror during the day and allows a view of the interior at night. Construction is scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter 2006. Despite demanding features, the building is scheduled for completion in 2008.


Client: Trend Capital GmbH
bw-engineers Member Company: Drees & Sommer Stuttgart GmbH
Project Volume: 40,0 million Euro
Project Duration: 2005 – 2009