Sewer System City of Buehl

Sewer database – Masterplan, Hydrodynamic Simulation of Stormwater and Sanitation Sewer, Concept for optimization and reconstruction


Due to problems in operation in case of storms and special requirements, a masterplan for the complex sewer and stormwater drainage network was required. The catchment area of the sewer system covers an area of 1,500 ha and includes the city of Buehl and 11 smaller villages with about 35,000 population equivalences. In a first step a sewer database was developed for the existing system based on a geografic information system. The whole network was surveyed by means of a sewer television system in order to investigate the condition of the conducts. The TV sewer documentation was integrated in the sewer database. The current situation of the sewer and stormwater drainage network and several future scenarios were investigated. The hydraulic simulations were carried out with software of the University of Hannover, which has the same core algorithms as SWMM. All required dimensions of the stormwater and sewer network were determined. New retention basins and settling tanks for the polluted stormwater were designed as well, aiming at an improvement of the flow conditions within the sewer system and an optimization of the water protection. Parts of the sewer and stormwater drainage system were design new in order to optimize the network. A concept for the rehabilitation of the damaged parts of the sewer network with a sufficient hydraulic capacity was elaborated. The detail design for the measures and construction supervision for the building activities are carried out step by step over a period of 10 years. The masterplan is the base for this action.


Client: City of Buehl, Germany
bw-engineers Member Company: Zink Ingenieure Ingenieurbuero fuer Tief- und Wasserbau GmbH
Project Volume: 3,0 million Euro
Project Duration: 1997 – 2011


Water and Environment
Stormwater Drainage