Sewage Treatment Plant Lagos, Portugal


The sewage treatment plant of the city of Lagos at the Algarve coast in Portugal taken into operation in 1994 and designed for a total number of inhabitants and population equivalent of 75,000 does no longer meet today’s requirements as to its purificat


Turn-key project New construction of a sand/grease trap; new construction of an aeration basin and two final sedimentation tanks Construction of a cylindrical digester of reinforced concrete with flat bottom, sludge dewatering system UV sterilisation for watering, Installation of a process control system


Client: City of Lagos + CME – Construcao e Manutencao Electromecanica S.A., Porto Salvo, Portugal
bw-engineers Member Company: Weber – Ingenieure GmbH
Project Volume: 0,2 million Euro
Construction Volume: Project Volume (z. B. “approx. 6,0 million Euro”)
Project Duration: 2000 – 2002