Sewage Treatment Plant Alcantara, Portugal


The sewage treatment plant Alcantara is one of the largest sewage treatment plants in the capital city of Portugal. In it approx. 40 % of the waste water from Lisbon are cleaned. It was necessary to extend and improve the mechanical treatment stage.


Screening plant: 3 lines, each with 1 trash rack and 1 fine bar screen; flow rate 3 x 1,5 m³/s (sewage water) Technical improvements for the sand / grease trap and the pre-sedimentation tanks Exhaust air treatment: chemical scrubber and bio filter, flow rate 45.000 m³/h (vented air)


Client: CME, Construccao e Manutencao S. A., Porto Salvo/Portugal (SUBPROJECT: City of Lagos + CME – Construcao e Manutencao Electromecanica S.A., Porto Salvo, Portugal)
bw-engineers Member Company: Weber – Ingenieure GmbH
Project Volume: 0,16 million Euro
Project Duration: 2000 – 2002


Water and Environment
Wastewater Treatment