Remediation and expansion of landfill Einöd

landfill site


Deposits of waste were already in existence at the location of the Einöd landfill site when regulated landfill site operation started in 1982. These waste deposits had to be taken into consideration when the landfill site was upgraded. Before the base seal for fill section II was made an area of tar deposits (liquid to soft waste from the waste oil treatment plant with very high PCB and PAC contents) was decontaminated by removal, stabilisation and immobilisation of the pollutants.

In order to segregate the different waste substances a combined intermediate and basic seal was constructed with a separate system for leachate collection and drainage. For this a structure had to be built consisting of an entrance building with a plant room and a unit for the separation of polluted and non-polluted materials, a connecting gallery (created using pipe driving DN 2400) and the shaft structure for the purification and inspection of the leachate drainage. Here, the leachate from the old deposits was collected and drained off separately from the leachate from the areas where the site was expanded.


Client: AWS, State capital Stuttgart (waste company) SUBPROJECT: Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart / Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb
bw-engineers Member Company: Klinger und Partner Ingenieurbuero fuer Bauwesen und Umwelttechnik GmbH
Project Volume: 50,0 million Euro
Project Duration: 1982 – 2020


Water and Environment
Solid Waste
Design Development
Environmental Studies
Operational Optimisation
Site Supervision
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Technical Data

Decontamination of an area of tar deposits with waste in liquid-soft form containing high levels of pollutants
Construction of a combined intermediate and base seal for Landfill Class II waste according to technical regulations, area approx. 60,000 m²
Ensuring permanent draining of the landfill site by means of a structure approx. 350 m in length, which was created by means of pipe driving with a diameter of 2,400 mm, including the entire technology with lighting, ventilation, emergency power supply and landfill gas monitoring