IMA Future Plant 2005

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IMA Kilian is the world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, tea and coffee. IMA Kilian has more than 3000 employees, about 1 400 are based overseas.


IMA Kilian has built a new production and administration building in one of Cologne’s industrial zones. By doing this the requirements of the company as regards a modern factory planning were met by the actual design of the building.


Client: Kilian GmbH & Co. KG
bw-engineers Member Company: Reck & Gass
Project Volume: 15,0 million Euro
Project Duration: 2003 – 2004


Structural Engineering
Steel, Halls, Composite Structures
Approval Planning
Conceptual Design
Design Development
Site Supervision

Technical Data:

construction of ferro-concrete prefabricated parts
factory screen 16 by 16 meters
flat foundation
two 10 ton indoor creans
three 5 ton indoor cranes
industrial flooring with restricted width of cracks for high quality EPOXID resin covering
building measurements 128 by 128 meters

Elevated Tank Rufäcker, HORB A. N.
Country: Germany
Subcategory: Structural Concrete
Project Begin: 1998
Completion Date: 1999
Client: Große Kreisstadt Horb a. N.
Project Volume: 4,0 million EUR

Description: two water chambers of 4000 m³ each, elastically embedded floor plate d = 40 cm, flat cailing system d = 40 cm with an earth heaping of 150 cm, water-proof concrete with a crack limitation of 0,10 mm, extensive planning of concrete seams