Determination of Groundwater Potential of the Tsumeb Aquifers

Hydrogeological Investigations to determine the Groundwater Potential of the Tsumeb Aquifers in Northern Namibia.


The Tsumeb aquifers in the Grootfon-tein-Tsumeb-Otavi area have a certain potential to meet the short-term requirements. The partially explored aquifers comprise the Dolomite Aquifer around Tsumeb, the unconfined Kalahari Aquifer to the north of Tsumeb and the confined Artesian Kalahari Aquifer to the northwest of Tsumeb. Since the aquifer systems in the Grootfontein-Tsumeb-Otavi area are utilized currently as sources for industrial, domestic and agricultural water supply, these abstractions have to be taken into consideration when determining the quantity of water, which may be available for export. The Project comprised the planning and supervision of comprehensive and large-scale geophysical surveys, hydrogeological investigations (with a well inventory for 2000 wells), isotopic studies, hydraulic groundwater modeling, tracer tests and environmental impact assessment. The scope of exploration drilling and comprehensive hydraulic testing in the project area was determined and tendering and supervision of the works were conducted in order to assess the long-term sustainable groundwater potential of a terrain of 10,000 km² with complicated hard-rock and porous aquifer-systems. The impacts of a long-term sustainable abstraction and the possible short-term emergency bulk water abstraction of the Tsumeb aquifers on the water balance in the study area (considering all aquifer systems) were assessed. Assessment of the impacts of the potential groundwater abstraction on the environmental situation and the socio-economy in the study area. TECHNICAL DATA Groundwater exploration of a 10,000 km² area 4,000 m exploration drilling


Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development, Windhoek; KfW
bw-engineers Member Company: Klinger und Partner Ingenieurbuero fuer Bauwesen und Umwelttechnikg GmbH
Project Volume: 1,0 million Euro
Project Duration: 1991 – 2001


Water and Environment
Water Supply