Car Park and bus station El Biar, Algeria

  • 9. Juli 2019
Car Park and bus station El Biar, Algeria

    A part of the strategic realignment of public transport in the city of Aligers, studies were made of 46 locations deemed to be suitable for parking facilities. For 6 particularly urgent projects, an international planning competition was tendered in advance. AMP, in collaboration with the Algerian planning office SAETI, won the contract for a total of 3 of the outlined locations. After 6 years of construction, the first project to be completed in spring 2018 was the El Biar multi-storey car park. It offers a total of 835 parking spaces on 7 levels. Situated on the ground floor is a bus station with 7 bus platforms. It features a café on the roof and offices in the basement area.


    E.G.C.T.U., Wilaya d’Alger

    Project Duration

    2012 – 2018

    Construction Cost

    EUR 19.1 mio

    bw-engineers Member Company

    AMP Parking GmbH


    Number of parking places: 835

    Number of floors: 7

    Bay width: 2.50 m

    Structural grid longitudinal/transversal: 5.18 m / 15.08 m

    Floor height: 2.70 m

    26,614 m² GFA

    Bus station with 7 Platforms, office floor and roof top café


     Architectural Design

    Structural concept

    MEP concept